8 February 2012

Operating System basics- Difference between multitasking and multiprogramming

How do we classify System?
A system can be classified broadly into 5 parts which are briefly categorized by their subparts given below:-
1.       Mainframe System
2.      Desktop System
3.      Multiprocessor System
4.      Real Time Systems/Time constraint
5.      Distributed
Operating System

We can categorie them further as:-

1.      Mainframe :-
1.       Multiprogramming System (Internal)
2.       Batch System (Ordered in a similar group)
3.      Time Sharing/Multitasking (Direct interaction with user)

2.     Desktop :-
                                 Well, everybody is well aware of these systems as they are        widely used in our surroundings/home.

3.     Multiprocessor/Multiple CPU :-
1.       Increase in throughput.
2.      Economy of Scale maintenance.
3.      Reliability is maintained.

4.     Real Time System/Time Constraint:-
1.    Hard (Satellite launching) – Time is constant.
2.    Soft (Multimedia)- Time varies accordingly.

5.     Distributed:-
1.     LAN (Local Area Network)
2.     WAN (Wide Area Network)
3.     MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

NOTE: - Distributed System can also be further categorized as:-

                              1.     Client-Server System
                              2.     Peer-to-Peer System

What is the difference between Multitasking and Multiprogramming?
Let’s take an example to understand this very typical concept.  You run VLC Media player to play a song, at the same time you want to play the video song without closing the song.  This can be done by opening another VLC window. So, the operating system is executing the operation allowing the multitasking for you by giving different services to the user simultaneously. So, this is Multitasking. This is a direct process which has a visual effect to the user, i.e. user can watch it happening and thus termed as multitasking.  
Whereas the code written for the VLC (backend) with the help of which it is able to perform the concept of multitasking is termed as multiprogramming.  These both terms are confusing but carry a great significance in terms of operating system. This is an indirect concept that runs behind the screen but helps in making the things work in collaboration at the same time.


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